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Why Buy Refurbished?

The IT Refurbishment industry is by no means a new one, but the question of whether or not to purchase new or second hand is one that will always be asked. Should I buy refurbished? Is it safe? Will it work the same as a new model? Read on and make that decision for yourself.

The first and most simple reason to buy refurbished tech instead of something brand new – it saves you money. In most cases, you would be paying half of the new selling price – sometimes even less. There is also less demand – while new products might have shipping delays – refurbished items are always readily available. Buying refurbished IT equipment allows you to stretch your wallet and still have equipment that a trusted partner backs. You get solid, reliable equipment that’s thoroughly tested and ready to use.

Your main concern might be that this item had a life before ending up with you. Maybe it even went through some stress with the original owner – maybe not. Regardless, the product went through enough that it was sent in to be refurbished or at least tested to make sure it still works as it should. All of this most likely even happened after the original warranty lapsed. A warranty you most likely won’t benefit from. Fortunately, Mega IT Stores offers a one-year warranty with all our products to replace or repair it in case of failure.

Buying refurbished also comes with less worry than buying something second hand. At Mega IT Stores, our qualified technicians put all products through a strict quality control process that includes a thorough assessment to make sure the item is viable to refurbish, a stress test all on components, a full data wipe and refurbishment.

What exactly is refurbishment? Refurbished IT equipment refer to the used IT products that are restored to their original factory settings by replacing the worn-out parts to ensure they are in perfect working condition. These products are fully tested, and come with the one-year Mega IT warranty. As more and more companies in South Africa are opting for greener IT practices, the market for refurbished IT equipment is gaining traction. In purchasing refurbished IT products, you are helping reduce volumes of e-waste being generated every year. Ultimately, choosing refurbished over new IT and tech items helps reduce the carbon footprint, creating a more positive environmental impact.


Rest assured that Mega IT Stores offer quality you can trust. So, save some money and buy something just like brand new!

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