About Us

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Dolphin SA has been trading since 1999 but after considering the future company positioning, the decision was made to change the company name from Dolphin SA to Mega IT Stores. Mega-IT Stores was officially launched in 2015 and since then we have become SA’s most trusted IT Refurbisher with 9 service centres country wide.


Mega IT Stores is a brand associated with quality products and the highest standards for customer service. While our main focus is on the certified refurbishment industry, new equipment can be supplied on customer request. We stock all major brands including: Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer. We are also able to build custom set-ups to your requirements.


Mega IT Stores is located in Edenvale, Gauteng but our products ship globally. The advantages of being bulk computer distributors is the network and relationships we have built with our suppliers, enabling us to offer quality products at discounted prices on all IT items such as RAM, processors, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, motherboards, laptop batteries and PC Fans. We are also able to do your repairs and installations in store. Whether you are interested in a simple PC or laptop for basic office functions or if you require a higher spec device for gaming, programming or running demanding software, Mega IT Stores is your one-stop shop.


We supply industries such as retail, schools, small to medium enterprises as well as corporate, manufacturing, and the IT industry to name a few. Mega IT Stores is well equipped to supply all industries, for custom orders, email online@mega-it.co.za.

Our reputation as bulk computer distributors and wholesalers has been one of quality and on time deliveries which has, over the years, enabled us to grow immensely from being not only bulk computer distributors but to selling to a retail market online as well.

Our vision and mission is to be among the largest bulk computer distributors in Africa and empowering the computer in which we serve.